What is the #ScentsyLife?

The #ScentsyLife is several things....

Designing a business that works for you and your lifestyle.

Creating the income that you want to have.

Gaining new life-long friendships.

Traveling...  sometimes for FREE!


All this can be done with the support of a sponsor with more than 11 years of experience to guide you and the desire to see you succeed (that's me!)...  it's what I like best!

You'll also have the support of our home office customer support and training teams.  They're there to help answer your question and offer a training center that is top notch - and loaded with info!

Spring Into Summer Training
Spring Into Summer Training
Corporate lead training
Training at Scentsy Family Reunion
A team/group atmosphere that is positive, motivating and supportive! 

We have a dedicated facebook page where you can go to ask questions and share ideas.  Plus I arrange monthly zoom trainings and facebook chats.

You'll also have the opportunity to interact during team get together and make life-long friendships!

Team Meet & Greet
Team Meet & Greet
Team at Scentsy Family Reunion
Some of our team members at our recent Scentsy Family Reunion in Anaheim!
Katrin & I
My friend Katrin from Germany and I!
Incentives and rewards - both on a team level and a corporate one!  Scentsy offers rewards from the moment you start your business.  Some are monthly, some are annually and some are more short term.  All are designed to motivate you to build your business strong.  In addition, I offer fun incentives and challenges for my own team too!
Recognition for 10 years
Recognition for 10 years!
Recognition for 11 years in business!
Recognition for 11 years in business!

Las Vegas, California, Texas to Orlando...  Cancun, Barbados, Spain, France, Florence, Rome and Naples, Italy....  I've been to some pretty amazing places with Scentsy.  If you want to you can too travel too!

Family time at Huntington Beach, CA!
Family time at Huntington Beach, CA!
My daughter & I in Marseilles, France!
My daughter & I in Marseilles, France!

A simple investment of $59 or $99 can get you started today.  Don't wait around - NOW is a great time to begin your #ScentsyLife adventure!

Want to learn more?

Ready to get started?



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